A Good Companion

2 Cups Steampunk

One of my practices regarding the tarot is to pull one card in the morning and use the day as a way to find real life applications of the card’s meaning. Today I did just that and the card that I pulled was the Two of Cups.

The Two of Cups is the Minor Arcana’s lesser equivalent to the Major Arcana’s ‘The Lovers’ card. Where The Lovers represents that major ‘love of your life’ relationship, the Two of Cups represents something a little less serious. This could be the ongoing situation with the love of your life, but in those smaller moments of appreciation, or it could be a connection you share with a friend or individual family member. Either way, it’s a moment shared with one other person that is positive in nature.

Today, I found the Two of Cups pop up in many small moments such as when my boyfriend made me coffee and breakfast out of the kindness of his heart, or when he read my paper for my psychology class, or when he helped me clean the apartment that I’m moving out of down to the grout between the tiles. It wasn’t completely one sided though as I thanked him with much affection, not to mention lunch, and I also assisted him with filing his unemployment claim. Sounds pretty funny how both of us are now struggling financially, which makes me that much happier for pulling today’s card.

This is just one reason why tarot is in my life. Today could have been a constant reminder of the hard times in my life, but because I had a positive card to focus on I ended up focusing on all of the good things in my life instead. Thank goodness I didn’t pull The Tower card again!


Sacrificial Introspection

The Hermit New VisionThe Hanged Man New Vision5 Pentacles New Vision

Not every three card spread represents the past, present, and future. Today’s spread doesn’t keep the cards separate, but instead looks at all three to form one big picture.

The picture today is one of solitude, and the risks that come with being alone. As was stated in the previous post, my present life is one that is in the midst of great change, and with that change will come a lot of introspection; represented by both The Hermit and The Hanged Man cards. The Five of Pentacles represents the lack of funds that I will have from my recent change in careers.

When one first looks at The Hermit card, they immediately think of a lonely place, and this is partly true to the card’s definition. The Hermit by nature is a loner, but the meaning of this card delves deeper than that. The only person that can venture the track of self-reflection is you, and nobody will be able to join you as it delves into areas of the mind that only you have access to. The lantern the hermit holds up is there to ‘illuminate’ that which is dark; to find an understanding in the unknown.

Similarly, the Hanged Man is also an introspective card, but this path can be shared with others as it uses an external focus instead of a purely internal one. It is also a card of enlightenment, but The Hanged Man uses a different viewpoint to find clarity. Where the hermit releases itself of anything outside the self, the Hanged Man releases its control over everything, and allows external influences to help him find truth. Combined with The Hermit card, this pair represents a very complete soul-search in nearly every aspect of life. This makes sense as to what I’m experiencing right now in changing career paths. Releasing that which I had known to explore a new world altogether can become a very introspective process.

The Five of Pentacles fits well into this situation, as I will not have much of a fund source at the beginning of my new career. The traditional Five of Pentacles shows hardship, with two seemingly-homeless people struggling through the harsh weather outside what appears to be a church. In the New Vision deck, we are now on the inside of the church, where there is shelter from the storm, and while conditions aren’t ideal it is definitely a more comfortable place to be. There’s a sense of charity in this card, and that will definitely play a role as I move in once again with my folks.

One sentence read: I am sacrificing my current surroundings to find an inner peace with the new path I have chosen in life, and I will need to rely on the charity of others as I begin this new journey.

Fiery Destruction

Knight of WandsThe TowerSeven of Wands


This reading is rather troubling for me. In using a three card spread, I just asked the cards to provide me insight on any aspect of my life. What did it want to tell me? This reading was definitely not what I was anticipating, but I can understand its meanings.

The Knight of Wands is in the first position, which to me represents a recent past. Typically the knight is an unchecked power with amazing potential in both positive and negative aspects. Wands represents things such as passions, careers, and actions, and this is telling me that I was this Knight of Wands recently. I took a major action in changing careers not too long ago, and the action was somewhat abrupt. It was a long time coming, and I had made many plans to prepare for the change, but when the change actually occurred it happened in a rather chaotic way, resulting from both positive and negative goals in mind.

The Tower is my present, and this is a major life changing card, and typically it has rather negative connotations. The tower is being destroyed and people are being flung from its windows. That which I have built up is now crumbling down around me, and it couldn’t be more true with regards to the consequences of my job change. I no longer can afford my apartment or my car, and I am making some major sacrifices to achieve a goal that will make my life better in the long term. One could say that all of the hard work that I have put into my previous career(s) is for naught, but even though I may be falling out of my tower at this moment, I am still maintaining the knowledge and experience that I have gone through.

In the third position, which represents my near future, we once again go back to the suit of wands. This time it is the seven of wands, which once again has a dual meaning with both positive and negative perspectives. The negative is that I am having to defend myself/my possessions/my decisions against offending forces that mean to throw me from my position. The positive in this card resides with the elevated position of the defender, showing that he is currently the one that others are threatened by, whether it be due to jealousy or just pure anger. Just because you are in a defensive state, doesn’t mean that you are in the wrong. Personally, I foresee myself having to defend my decision regarding my job change to the skeptics around me as well as to my own self. It won’t be easy, but I will stand for what I believe in.

Overall, I find this to be a very truthful statement of a harsh reality that comes with this type of hurried action. Over-confidence might lead to a lack of preparation, causing that which you had around you to crumble and fall, only to be left with an action that needs to be defended and proven to others. It might not be ideal, but it won’t last forever either. Get through this, and things are bound to look up.

My Decks

I have six decks that I use, and I feel that each of them represent a different aspect of myself. In this post, I’ll discuss the six decks and what they symbolize to me.

The Hanged Man

The traditional Rider Waite tarot deck represents the very basic aspects of who I am. I am a human being with human emotions. I am made up of skin and bones and muscle and organs just like everyone else. If cut, I bleed. I use this deck if my question has to do with the very basic of human nature as it will provide me with the most traditional tarot explanations that won’t need much interpretation to understand.

The Hanged Man New Vision

My 2nd deck is Tarot of the New Vision. What I love about this deck is that it takes the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck and does a complete 180. You now see the same scene but from behind the card, showing a new perspective on a traditional scene. To me this card represents my constant search for fresh perspectives, and a means to add another layer to the already complex meanings of each tarot card. I use this deck when I feel stuck in one-track mind and need a different point of view.

The Hanged Man Gay

The next deck that I present is one that also represents a different perspective of my life; theĀ Gay Tarot deck. The purpose of this deck should be fairly obvious, but if it isn’t I’ll just simply state that I am gay! It doesn’t define who I am, but it is a part of me that I embrace and love, and due to that I wanted to have a gay deck. This deck is a difficult one to read, and I don’t use it often, primarily because the interpretations take on their own definitions. I mainly use this deck only when I want to ask a question surrounding the gay aspects of my life, otherwise I keep it aside.

The Hanged Man Steampunk

Deck number 4 is actually the first of these decks that I bought and it is my Steampunk Tarot. There was a reason I was drawn to this deck, as I have an interest in observing the darker side of life, and I love creativity. This deck shows a fantastical aesthetic to the more traditional Rider Waite definitions of each card. While I used it a lot at first, I primarily only have this deck as a novelty item and don’t have a specific time when I use the deck. Primarily it’s just whenever I want to visit a good friend.

The Hanged Man Shadowscapes

Another deck that I have which also represents my creativity is the Shadowscapes Tarot deck. I am almost scared to use this deck as it is so beautiful and intricate. This represents the light of my creativity, which is in direct opposition of the Steampunk tarot. To me this deck also provides a sense of fantasy, but focuses on the beautiful detail of life and the inspiration that is all around us. I use this deck when I need a spiritual question asked.

The Hanged Man Mona Lisa

The final deck that I use represents a quirkier side of my personality and that is the Mona Lisa Tarot. This deck is all sorts of weird, yet extremely smart at the same time. There are cards that can be offensive, and interpretations that can be confusing to the traditional definition, but that’s what makes this deck so amazing. The scenes are completely thought out, and it provides a complete twist to the reading that might not have been presented with any other deck. I primarily use this deck when I want to challenge myself.

These are the decks that represent the different aspects of my personality. I may end up getting more in the future, but for now you will see me using these six decks throughout my readings.


The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Tarot is my own personal diary that speaks about my interpretations of the cards on their own as well as the combination of cards within a reading. Anyone who has studied up on Tarot knows that the cards have different meanings depending on the reader, and while I will try to stay close to the traditional definitions, I may deviate from the path every so often. I don’t believe that the cards have one solitary explanation, and I also don’t put weight on whether a card is reversed or not, as I like leaving all options open. I feel that by limiting the definition you are limiting the client’s ability to connect with the reading, and that leads me to my next purpose for this blog.

I do not consider tarot to be a fortune-teller, but instead I see it as a tool for self reflection. Taking this approach, I often tell the people not to expect the cards to tell them what will happen or what they should do, but to have an open mind and use the cards as a reference or a guide. A person getting the reading needs to first connect with the meanings of the cards and then use those meanings as an introspective tool to their own lives; not as a black and white answer. This blog will help me exercise my tarot-reading abilities by combining my spreads with a written diary, focusing on reflection, card meanings, and the possible application of the readings.

As far as why I named the blog after the twelfth card in the major arcana, I have an affinity to The Hanged Man. To me, this card represents everything that this blog stands for; giving in to the world and looking for a new point of view. The constant search of introspection is much like the hanging man. Accept who you are, but be willing to let go of it in search for a better you.